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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  June 10, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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good morning at 4:00 o'clock a lot going on and it starts with breaking news from overnight, busy night for fire fighters fire fighters battling a massive rehome fire and if anyone was injured next. also a lot more breaking news this morning a home up in flames this one in west deptford, there was a daring escape, it may have saved one of the victim's lives. develop right now a slashing woman hurt after hurt in the schuylkill river trail. what the slasher said right before the attack. good day is it is finally friday, june 10th, 2016. lauren dawn johnson no shocker here is taking an extended weekend. another one of our friend aim sure getting married in the one of the lower 48 states. >> nice to be here. it is also looking like she
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had the friend, like going out and being crazy and having a good time. >> that is her every day. she sucks up life. >> today, it is a friday. you know what we're doing on friday. >> we're taking you to every single town, your community all over. today this morning get ready jenkintown because we are coming tour neck of the woods. >> we will be live at town square in the heart of the jenkintown. >> and here's the best part about the whole thing. you could win a brand new car. just sign up and you can win a brand new mazda cx9. >> pretty easy just go to our web site fox, click on the contest page and home page. we will pick a finalist once a week and on the final show here's the big give away. we mentioned the finally, that is july 22nd the dell music center in fairmount park. sign up and win that brand new mazda cx9. sue serio will be out there today with mike and alex. so, dave warren is in today. >> how is the weather going to be, dave. >> i guarantee the odds of you
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enjoying weather today are better than odd of winning that car but that is pretty good now. our number today, there is no rain, it is a ten, always top of the scale, sunshine, lower humidity, don't get weather like this often as we get closer to summer. talk about the humidity coming back in the the forecast. it is not there today. then a cool night, 48 in mount pocono. fifty's in the suburbs. might need a light coat getting early. little chill in the air. millville at 48. much cooler then philadelphia whiz is at 62. split is, jenkintown this is radar right now no rain approaching, in fact entire region will be cleared, just a few light showers, all that there in west virginia, staying well to our west. cool start, 60 degrees for morning drive. there is bright sunshine. we will get warmer, into the upper 70's, enjoy that sunshine. this time of the year it goes until 8:29. so, perfect for the morning drive and evening rush, weather-wise, lets see if
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there is any issues on the roadways and we will go to bob kelly. >> good morning. 4:03. no issues at the moment. we are off to a good start. live look, some left overs, we're dealing were on a friday morning. live look at i-95 at street road overnight crews have been paving the on and the off ramps all this week. we're good to go. i-95 again that early light volume, friday is always kind of crazy, a little will upside down unusual traffic patterns, lot going on both leaving work early and maybe a personal day. in workers on the vine street expressway. that was a great refreshing change this morning, so vine street expressway is opened for relevant i morning travelers, in east falls a down tree has henry avenue block at queen lane. we have a big golf tournament which stays with us through sunday out here at cricket club, putting a lot of involve exiting fort washington in the neighborhood there, yesterday. graduation grid lock look is on the line up today, five archdiocese catholic high
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school, shanahan, little will flower, bonner, roman and newman goretti. we will see a lot of volume around the graduation sites today. that will give us unusual traffic patterns. got to get the parents and grandparents to the graduation. regatta on the river, kelly drive will be closed throughout the weekend, mass transit at the moment we are off to a good start. chris and karen, back over to you. lets get to this breaking news out of north philadelphia. fire fighters battling huge flames affecting several row homes this fire started around 2:30 on the 4300 block of north 15th street, fox 29 has learned that the fire is spreading, to other row homes, since we speak. heavy smoke could be seen coming from the first and second floors from where this fire original will started, no word on if anyone lives in these homes and we will continue to update this breaking story throughout the morning. more breaking news out of west deptford, a tragic escaped and daring rescue when a housings up in flames this started in the middle of the night, people had to just race
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inn order to get out of them. that is where we have sabina kuriakose with what we have learned so far, good morning, sabina. >> reporter: good morning. lets lot at scene. we can see aftermath of this fire after flames ripped through this home here as you mentioned three people were trapped, at least one of those people actually escaped by jumping off the roof of a porch here. they might have been two people able to do that, all of those folks, three people taken to local hospitals, no word on their conditions. i'm join by the fire chief here, brian gully and thank you so much for joining us. you had a long night. >> yes, we have. we came out about 10:00 o'clock last night, still here, house was well involved when we got the here. we were here just a couple minutes. it extended to the house. as you can see, we were able to stop the extension of that house and get it the out quickly from what we were given. >> reporter: judging by aftermath of the fire it is incredible that you can continue. did it spread to the second house at all. >> it melted siding off but we
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were able to stop it before it got in the house. >> off lot of agencies on the scene. we have police officers, sheriff, can you talk about why those folks are out there. >> this were requested by fire marshall office to help them with the investigation. once they get all of their evidence and do everything, they will release a report of their findings. >> reporter: right now what do we know about the conditions of the victims three, people i believe in total. >> three people were transported, at least one jumped from the second floor roof. i'm not the sure of their conditions right now but they were transported to local hospitals. >> reporter: anything you want to say about the work of your guys, you worked fast to get these people out. >> everybody on the scene they raced out to keep it to that house with the fire that we had when we got here, everybody did a great job. >> reporter: we appreciate your time. thanks for joining us v last minute grab here on the scene. they have had aid long night, they have been here for more than five hours now, first battling these flames and investigating exactly what led to them. karen and chris, back to you.
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and yet more breaking news at the 4:07 out of hunting park where a gun battle took place around 10:30 in the 3900 block of north ninth street. a 47 year-old man died after being shot, multiple times, in the head, chest, and back. philadelphia police say a short time after the shooting a 26 year-old man showed up at temple hospital with the gunshot wound. that is how police learned about the fight between the two men that led to the deadly shooting. no word if the 26 year-old will face charges. time is 4:07. so many people are out there enjoying weather, they are enjoying our trails but right now police have a warning specifically along the schuylkill river trail because a woman there was attacked and it happen in the middle of the day. >> i mean slashed in the face. she and her friend were just taking a walk. steve keeley standing by live. steve, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, no runners here along the path now and you have the great sky line in the background so 3:00 a.m., 4:00 a.m. you would think that is where big danger would be out running with the friend of yours as a woman but this is
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3:00 p.m., five of 3:00 to be specific yesterday and you will know this spot, the walnut street bridge and this is just the latest incident on schuylkill river trail, it is popular not just for everybody trying to get some exercise in, but for hoodlums and for whoever this person was, for some reason doesn't sound like they are right in their head because all this person said was you don't know anything there, was no robbery, no known motive, it looks like somebody mentally disturbed took out something and slashed this poor woman across the information head and needed to be stitched up for three and a half inch gash on her forehead. other people outside hearing about this last night obviously very shocked. >> it the is hard to imagine because the trail is always crowded. they have had incidents in rittenhouse square where there is also a lot of people. so i think what we hope is that it is just an odd ball
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occurrence and not a -- not something that will impede but it is important that the police patrol down here because there are a lot of people and they come here at all times. >> reporter: again, councilman who represent this is area kenyatta johnson is immediately calling for increased police patrols and they have already increased them after the other incidents, plus, the volunteer group that is going to do patrolling itself says it is moving up its target day to start this volunteer patrol to this month. they were going to start in the summer, when they were better organize. they will get organize pretty quick after this you heard that guy call it an odd ball incident. fit is an odd ball incident and odd ball doing this, the problem is he is still out there with his weapon and may do it again and that is the big fear. so people are now being on extra alert, and spotting anything and reporting anyone who looks suspicious. not much of a description,
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other than about 24 years old and 5-foot zero with a beard which is very vague, but if you see somebody hanging around that stairwell or any stairwell and following you, call the police and every 200 feet along the schuylkill riff trail they have mile markers, so cops know exactly where you are if you call for an emergency, you tell them where you where this yellow sticker and they can pinpoint where to go instantly. chris and karen. >> we necessity schuylkill river trail, it keeps growing as we speak and that section there you are right near that phillies mural they have just put up last year. >> reporter: we're across from the art museum which is a popular place to start in the middle of it. the just a long way. problem is people that attack people don't stay in the same spot. this person could be lurking every where. these incidents happened all along the trail. worst part out in the middle of the river where you have no where to run except diving in the river that is where you feel helpless if anything happens to you there but it looks like a concrete boardwalk in the middle of the
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the schuylkill river. it looks great, what is killing the looks is all of thighs incidents one after another and they are all making headlines too. >> good point. >> thanks, so much. we appreciate it. 4:11. let's turn to politics. big day for hillary clinton. president barack obama threw his support behind the presumptive democratic presidential nominee. >> from the decision we made and situation room to get bin laden to our pursuit of diplomacy in capitols around the world i have seen her judgment, i have seen her toughness, i have seen her commitment to our rally with yous up close. i have seen her determination to give every american a fair shot at opportunity no matter how tough the fight was. that is what has always driven her and it till does. i want those hoff been with me from the beginning of this incredible journey to be the first to know that i'm with her. >> well, not long after the president endorsed the former secretary of state donald trump took to twit tore bash the president's decision,
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trump tweeted quote, obama just endorsed crooked hillary. he want four more years of obama, but nobody else does. well, it wasn't long before clinton responded delete your account this has been favorited and retweeted more than 600,000 times. getting ugly already. >> always. time his 12:00. a horrific tragedy, that mommies accused of killing her two young children on the trip to florida, where family members thought that she was. bob kelly, good morning to you. good morning, gang, it is friday, tgif, we have made it to the end of the workweek and 422, crews are still out here near sanatoga interchange and as we go eastbound towards king of prussia, good morning to the ben franklin parkway, look the at art museum in the background construction still underway there in front of the cathedral we will check jam cams, dave's got your weekend
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forecast when we come right back.
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good day, in jenkintown, where the crew is heading, sue will be with you starting at 6:00. in the 50's right new, cool start but quickly warming up for light breeze, 66 by 10:00 o'clock, upper 70's later today. few 40's like mount pocono and millville, little chill in the air outside of the philadelphia area. it drops, considerably from the city to the suburbs. waking up step outside, light
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coat, before you step outside, but quickly warm up in the 70's by noon. seventy-eight this afternoon. down to 07 by tonight. the not quite as cool overnight tonight. look at the big jump saturday, sunday, 87, 85. it comes with more humidity. right now, radar and satellite all clear, we are expecting sunshine today, we're expecting storms, saturday, a few isolated storms will be developing right there, few showers moved through in the morning but stronger storms in the the afternoon, they are isolated and there could be strong or severe moving through between three and 5:00. after that on sunday and even monday a gusty wind picks up 20 to 30 miles an hour wind gusts expected there. that will be a land breeze. we will have that today and sunday in between the two down the shore temperatures nice and warm but we have showers and a few thunderstorms. northwest wind drops water temperature in the upper 50's and 60's. we have a warm day saturday. sunday 85. gusty wind.
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even windy on monday. wind gust 20 to 30 miles an hour. mix of sun and clouds on tuesday, could see a shower or thunderstorm. then by wednesday and thursday, some rain comes back in the forecast. it is mild. temperatures up above 80 degrees. good morning, bob. >> good morning. 4:17. tgif, the end of the workweek and we are looking live, cool shot of the schuylkill expressway. we have got art museum here, we have got schuylkill river, west river drive, regatta on the river this weekend so all day tomorrow they will have kelly drive closed and we will see boats and equipment and families arrives today and sky line. man, it is pretty cool when you come in the morning and see all of the construction lights on some of the high rises that they are building, the comcast tower, that other tower over there in university city, and every day you see another floor or two get added to the mix. ben franklin bridge looking good all lit up and ready to go for a morning rush hour.
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crews are still working on 422 right near trooper road interchange. if you are in and out of this area over the week and maybe going to that expo or in toward we were just talking about sky zone off of 422, watch it as they are working there all weekend long. coming from new jersey on the 42 freeway, nothing going on just yet but it is a friday, so, later on this afternoon we will have that push going to the shore, for the weekend. the pennsy turnpike in problems here between philly over to valley forge. as we go for a ride 295 if you are going through new jersey, to or from the shore be careful this whole bellmawr interchange it seems every night they shuffle pattern and and make progress, they move barriers, barrels all along this 295, 42 construction zone. if using mass transit atlantic city rail line using shuttle buses all this week from 30th over to cherry hill. septa using buses on the broad
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street subway and market frankford line until 5:00 o'clock. the chris and karen, back over to you. philadelphia police made an arrest in the the case of the road rage that ended with gunfire, victim told state police on tuesday a driver was aggressively tailgating him on i-95 near girard point bridge right around 6:30 in the morning. he says driver pulled up next to him then fired a shot the in to one of his tires. thirty he lease say a tip led them to anthony gilbert of upper chichester. >> through the sketch and through the vehicle description this person was probably involved in another incident that person called in a tip about the day before monday where we're still investigating that incident to see exactly what occurred add that time. >> gilbert as you can see him here, charged with aggravated assault charge, also you can see he is being charged with reckless endangering of another person. 4:19. story that hurts your heart, is there a mother from frankford accused of killing her two young children smothering them on a trip to
4:20 am
visit her cousin in south florida. police down there say that sophia hines suffocated her eight month-old son and daughter. look at those faces on wednesday afternoon. she was staying there investigators they say she admitted to police that she did hold a bed sheet over her mouth. her family says she was suffering from postpartum depression and was not taking her medication. >> she would be the last person that i would ever think would do something like this to a kid. >> we are moving toward forgiveness but it is still awful hard. you still took my little brot's way, how can we forgive you even though we have have problems. we don't know where to begin to understand how to deal with this. >> investigators say she has given no explanation as to why she killed her children. she's in the broward county jail awaiting hearing on premeditated murder charges. 4:20 on this friday morning. a teen has been sentenced for his role in the death of the overbrook man while walking his dog last year.
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tffine hamilton accepted a plea deal of third degree murder charges. police responded to the 6400 block of wood crest avenue for call of the person with the gun. when police got the there they found 51 year-old james stohlman lying in the curb with the gunshot wound to the chest. hamilton will spend 25 to 80 years in prison. to kensington where police say three men held up two teenagers at gunpoint, this is surveillance video of the car police say men used to get the a way before 1:00 in the morning may 31st. the two teens were walking in the 3400 block of arbor street when three men and a car, drove by them, and then got out and robbed them. they took the teens phone a pair of air jordans and wallet. men jumped back in, newer model ford fusion and took off. as a former high school teacher and wrestling coach spending more than seven years in jail, richard howell was arrested last year after a 17 year-old student reported that he had sex with her over several months back in 2014,
4:22 am
including encounters both at school and his home. investigators reportedly found graphic photos and videos on the victim's cell phone. he pleaded guilty to three counts of first degree sexual abuse of the child by a person of trust and three counts of rape. an update on the hit and run left a septa police officer badly injured. wednesday police arrested jeffery solder he faced aggravated salt and assault charges. he was driving under the influence and hit officer gary miller jogging on the 7600 block of rowan avenue. officer miller is still recovering. in berks county two years of hard work have wrapped up with the arrest of the six suspect drug dealers. police used wiretaps and than cover byes to zero in or jose cammachio. they confiscated 30 you this dollars of heroin, cocaine, marijuana, $20,000 in cash and 16 guns. all right. it is 4:22. so much has been happening. we're just talking about
4:23 am
sports we had spring practices, now over for the eagles. what do you think this amount to. >> hopefully some wins. >> we will hear from coach doug pederson next. they make millions and they spend millions, we're talking about just how much nba players spend in just a month. let me tell you, the number is shocking, my mom always told me it is not what you make but what you spend. a lot of it is shoes, let me take some guesses. oops, lottery numbers.
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well, our eagles have concluded their mini camps and they are off until training cam when they begin on july 25th and at that point, all in, full steam a head. >> bird have a shorter practice yesterday, they continued to learn the new offence and defense with new head coach and players, you know, these training camps are a learning experience for players and coaches before the actual training camp begins. >> very smart football team meaning they have pick up the schemes extremely well. this is a group that also has some tremendous leaders on the football team, guys that i have seen sort of from a far kind of taking charge at their position groups. they have bought into the things that i have talk to them about.
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>> and we're following some breaking news this morning we have had a number of fires, daring escape from west deptford, what fire fighters say a person had to do to escape that burning home. on this cushion for generations.
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fire fighters are what theling a massive row home fire, and anyone was injured, next. more breaking news a home goes up in flames in west deptford, the daring escape that may have saved one of those victims lives. an altercation end on gun battle in a local street whom police say may have fired those shots. it is friday june 10th, 2016, lauren dawn johnson off, somewhere. >> good morning. >> good to be here. >> tgif. we have to get some breaking news out of california. >> absolutely, u.s. geological survey is reporting there has been a 5.2 magnitude earthquake and it happened just about a half an hour ago. >> this happened just outside, the springs which is about 90 miles north east of san diego. there are no reports of any major damage right new but we will continue to follow this story throughout the morning. with that magnitude of over five, typically having grown upright in that area, you can see broken windows that kind
4:31 am
of thing. you won't see structural damage. i lived through, the northridge earthquake in january of 1994, and that was magnitude 6.9 and that is what we saw freeways buckle. they are used to this kind of thing there, dave warren. >> speak for yourself, that would jar me a little bit, 5.2. i will keep an eye on the maps to see if any other quakes happen but these plot automatically so keep a close eye on this, waves from los angeles just north there. lets talk about our weather, number of the day, a ten. we are looking g humidity down. we have bright sunshine, nice, comfortable, just maybe a little cool to start the day. mount pocono at 48. fifty's in a few suburbs, a little cool here in upper montgomery and bucks county, a little chill, might need a coat here we are used to being so warm. forty-eight in millville. fifty's surrounding suburbs.
4:32 am
sixty-two in philadelphia headed to jenkintown today but rain is not here, things are clear on ultimate doppler radar so all good throughout the day-to-day and even tonight, but things change tomorrow, we have sunny weather and getting warmer but we have to put some storms in the forecast, a few of those could be strong and i'll let you know when to expect that throughout the weekend in a little bit but coming upright right now we will look at traffic with bob kelly. >> 4:32, construction crews are still out here. here's a live look at route 202 rolling from west chester heading up in to malvern. i stopped at wawa this morning to get myself a coffee. i'm getting coffee going to work and crowd was still out from last night had munchies on the way home. live look 202 north, heading up into 401 that one lane construction pattern, vine street expressway opened this morning, crews did not work last night so that is a welcomed change for everybody that is coming in early into downtown philadelphia. got a down tree in east falls,
4:33 am
henry avenue and queen lane, little slow go here on the boulevard as we work our way south of broad street. construction projects if they were active is in the process of popping cones in the back of the truck. philly international looking good, it looks like we will have a good weather day good day to fly getting out of town for the weekend. if you are staying in town for golf tournament at cricket club gates opened up at 7:00. this enterings through sunday. we will see extra volume here between fort washington and the flourtown and crews 422 eastbound watch for that work zone heading in toward trooper road. both subway and market frankford line using buses until 5:00. chris and karen, back over to you. so much breaking news this out of north philadelphia, fire fighters have put out a row home fire that jump topped several homes. it started two hours ago, the scene 4300 block of north 15th street. there was heavy smoke when they first got there from the first and second floors. we don't know if these were vacant or what start that had fire. more breaking news out of
4:34 am
west deptford a frantic escape and rescue when a housings up in flames. fire started late in the night, people inside had who had to quickly get out. this is the scene on church street just before 11:00, flames and smoke trapping at least three people inside burning building, one of them had to jump and second story window to escape. fire fighters rescued the remaining ten. they were then taken to the hospital, cause of the fire is under investigation. we will continue to update this throughout the morning. more breaking news, this comes from hunting park there was a gun battle 10:30 last night on the 3900 block of north ninth street. there was a 47 year-old man who died after being shot multiple times in the head and chest and the back. police say a short time after that there was a 26 year-old man who showed up at temple hospital who also had a gunshot wound and that is how police linked the two and figure out there was a fight between the two of them. we don't know of any charges a
4:35 am
this is time. lets go to steve, right new police are searching for person who attack a woman on the popular trail, hi there steve. >> reporter: looking at beautiful sky behind from the schuylkill river trail standing here on the walnut the street bridge and sadly once again we have another incident bob kelly of another women trying to get her exercise in and getting a tack here yesterday afternoon. >> yeah steve, definitely out there this morning crews will be out there today, police will be keeping an eye on. that we are going for a ride as we go south on i-95 through construction zone, kind of light volume now but it is a friday getting ready for weekend as we look live outside fourth and market downtown philadelphia, dave's got your forecast i will check jam cams after a quick cup of coffee. i'm coming right back
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4:38 am
security along the schuylkill river trail will be increased after a woman is slash in the face. >> this is just so concerning because it is such a popular place for so many people, lets get right out to steve keeley with what we know, good morning, steve. >> reporter: viewers are likely asking was president it already up creased, yes, it was and it will get more increased. kenyatta a johnson the councilman who have been having meeting after meeting after this said a meeting about this latest indent at 3:00 o'clock yesterday when a woman walking up these steps had a guy for some unknown
4:39 am
reason, maybe mentally disturb, slash her a cross her forehead with a knife or a blade. good thing she's not more seriously hurt. she will be okay at least physically but this popular trail again, marred by another incident and the volunteer group that was getting together to help patrol this says they are also immediately increasing their patrols, starting in june rather than in july or august like they had planned to because they realize sooner the better, not only to stop all this stuff from happening but to keep people from saying you know what that is enough i will in the use this beautiful trail, and the night time you have this great sky line view and in the daytime, also beautiful views. but now we will see whether it is night or day no matter what time of the day, someone is getting a tack here repeat thely, time after time, and a lot of people wondering when will it stop. >> it is had hard to imagine because the trail is always
4:40 am
crowded, they have had incidents in rittenhouse square where there is also a lot of people what we hope is it is just an odd ball occurrence and not something that will increase but it is important as police patrol down here because there are a lot of people and they come here, to gather at all times. >> reporter: you hear warnings with single woman don't go out alone. she was ant loan. she had a friend they say don't always of your head sets they were looking around and they noticed this guy following them up the steps but people are hear as you heard that man said and can't record to police everybody behind you so they thought everything was cool, middle of the day and then all this guy said was you don't know anything. they didn't have a run in earlier on the trailer anything. so again, maybe it was just somebody mentally disturbed and having trouble. the problem is, they didn't get a real good description, they have no eye tea where or
4:41 am
what kind of weapon he used. he and his weapon are still out here somewhere. chris and karen. all right steve, thank you. 4:41 the time. reason a pennsylvania lab worker now has the zika virus straight ahead. and also today the country and the world says good bye to an absolute legend, the world over, the great muhammad ali was planned for today's services.
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we have something for you, it is a friday, every friday through july between the second we are taking over one of your towns. get ready jenkintown you are up today. >> that is right in just a few hours we will be there from 7:00 to 10:00 at town square in the heart of the jenkintown. you can win a new car. you have to sign up to win this brand new cx9. >> so easy to do just don't go to jenkintown or different locations just come to fox, click on the contest and right on our home page and every week we will pick a final list and at the end of the final show you'll get the a new car if you are the lucky winner. >> before we get to the final show at tell music center in fairmount park, you can see other locations we will be visiting and you can set to win that brand new mazda cx9. >> dave warren, great weather to be in jenkintown today. >> perfect nice change from last week we are looking at rain coming in but we have rain for the weekend saturday. tomorrow is day to watch, not
4:45 am
all day isolated shower or strong storm but look at your temperatures there much warmer, 87 and windy day on sunday down to 85. get your coat in the suburbs. fifty's this morning. forty's in mount pocono and millville. chill will be gone once the sun comes up but for right now cool at lower humidity makes it feel nice and comfortable in the afternoon but that temperature really drops at night. satellite plus radar all clear today, no rain, no thunderstorms. there is a risk for storms tomorrow, slight risk, this from the storm prediction center in oklahoma issued when they will be storms and they have potential to be severe, maybe strong gusty wind or small hail in this area, saturday afternoon. we will track this with the computer forecast, show you you we're clear, starting at 6:00. nothing showing until then. cloud increase maybe a few showers tomorrow morning but here are these isolated storms. eve one could be strong to severe, it is not every where,
4:46 am
not a solid line moving through. keep an eye odd radar tomorrow afternoon could see a shower or storm approaching quickly and that could contain damaging win gusts. it moves out by sunday but for gusty winds develop and that is that north west wind, drops humidity again but wind could going gusting to 20 to 30 miles an hour both sunday and monday. we will see that land breeze not the best conditions down the shore. keeps water temperature down and air temperature up. 76 degrees down the shore. seventy-eight in center city. pocono mountains 65, cool there, much cooler at night as soon as that goes down. the seven day forecast, 87 tomorrow with showers and storms. gusty wind on sunday and monday. we will keep wind in the forecast. mix of sun and clouds on tuesday we are at 79 degrees. by wednesday and thursday we have rain coming back. just a chance of rain on wednesday and by thursday end of next week good bit of rain likely with a temperature of
4:47 am
84 degrees. good morning, bob. >> whenever phillies are home lately they are raining. they are away it is beautiful. they come back thursday and it rains. >> live look at 202 north bound crews are still out here down to one lane, this is 202 northbound between the bypass and 401, it is all part of the active construction zone. they are putting down new concrete. went through here yesterday, it will look specify i hear and move barrels and cones away. they are also working through the weekend here 422 right here near schuylkill river trooper road audubon, interchange keep that in mine heading out to the expo center or any events over course of the weekend. looking good here no problems at all coming into downtown all bridges look good at least at the moment, 55 northbound out of the south jersey vineland, deptford no problems there. 295 heading down to the delaware beaches this weekend there is only one lane scheduled to be blocked on the delaware memorial bridge.
4:48 am
hopefully we will be okay. friday afternoons some of the kid are still in school but we are still going to have that push going to the shore towns later today. northeast extension construction both directions here at quakertown, we will see push up to the poconos for the weekend and congratulations to the graduates five of the archdiocese high schools holding graduation ceremonies to day, shanahan, little flower, bonner prendergast, roman and newman goretti. we will see extra volume, parents, grandparents, all of the family members. like to take the snow globe and shake it up, with some unusual traffic patterns today did you hear about this, someone threw you something at district attorney's office and shattered glass there. police say that is the suspect right there. investigators say that guy reaches in and throws something into the window of the d.a.'s office right in center city. it happened early wednesday morning. police have not shared what kind of object was used but it
4:49 am
broke the glass. if you know who that guy is and recognize that shirt he is wearing give police a call. police in delaware county busted a mom and her son accused of selling heroin out of their home. upper darby police arrested lisa robinson and her three three-year old son, i son. police raided the home along 600 block of copley road last friday after a undercover drug buy was there investigating uncovered a heroin operation. >> we conduct a search and subsequently found 137 bags of heroin, some marijuana, all types of package material throughout the house. >> chitwood went on to say officers found a gun with serial numbers scraped off of it. both mom and son are in the delaware county prison. today the country and world will say final good bye toss muhammad ali, he will be remembered at an inter faith
4:50 am
services a at kfc young center. speakers include actor comedian billy crystal and former presidents bill clinton. yesterday more than 14,000 ticket holders gathered at the late boxers hometown for an islamic prayer service. lots of gun owners very, very upset this morning because federal appeals court ruled yesterday that americans do not have a constitutional right to carry concealed weapons in public places. this is the ninth circuit court of appeals, they upheld a california law that said applicant must site a good cause to get a concealed carry permit. some consider the ninth circuit most liberal appeals court in the nation and that this dispute could wind up before the supreme court. let's state on the political theme here, hillary clinton a big day for her yesterday, former democratic martin o'malley is latest to back hillary clinton. president obama and massachusetts senator elizabeth warren are endorsing clinton. so the president gave his
4:51 am
blessing in a video released an hour after he met with bernie sanders at the house. >> i don't think there has ever been someone so qualified to hold this office. she has got the courage, the compassion, and the heart to get the job done. >> but bernie sanders is still not ready to concede, after high profile meetings on capitol hill and at the white house with the president sanders was back on the campaign trail holding a rally in washington dc. >> this campaign has donnas well as it has because we are doing something unusual in american politics we're telling the truth. >> president said bernie get out. he said nope. donald trump is focusing on fund raising meeting with dozens of party goers. all this comes as fox news has a new poll with clinton with three-point lead over trump with trump dropping six-point from last month.
4:52 am
next primary is on tuesday, and it is where bernie sanders was campaign in washington d.c. we have a person from pennsylvania who has the zika a virus, this comes out of the university of pittsburgh. one of the researchers was infected with the zika virus that happened by accident in a lab. a scientists accidentally stuck herself with the needle last in during an experiment for the zika virus. she developed symptoms last week, lab tests confirmed the infection but officials say that she's already recovered and returned to work. >> thank goodness for that, and that she was not pregnant. that is the biggest risk. major changes coming to a major dating app, who business to get banned from using tinder.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
taking a look at money news something that has to do with dating, it turns out tinder is setting some age requirements, and pretty soon. >> sorry, kid but this app is in longer for you, yes, starting next week the app will require users to be 18 or older, currently users only have to be 13. well, how can they have not changed that sooner? those 13 to 17 years old right now only match with others in their age group? well, that age group will to have find another way to meet people. >> old school. >> i think you're cute. do you want to have pop tart. new policy impacts less
4:56 am
than 3 percent of the tinders using. my daughter is only eight, and when she's 13 in five years now and if she was on something like tinder would i not be happen bye it. >> you don't know what they are doing. >> 4:56. nobody matched all of the numbers in wednesday night's power ball, but someone matched four of the white balls and that ticket was sold in middlesex county, new jersey. >> lottery officials say that ticket is worth $150,000, sold at quick check, power ball jackpot rolls rolls over to 141 million-dollar. >> that would be saturday night's drawing, right. >> yes. >> today was our office pool. >> 4:56. series of fires break out overnight one damaging a series of homes, other trapping three people inside, how they managed to escape those flames. so many people on edge and a woman was injured, when she was out there walking on the schuylkill river trail, what police say the slasher said right before the a tack
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
so much developing news this morning there was a fast spreading fire that trapped three people in a home, there was a life or death decision, one was forced to escape that fire. >> very surprised i'm down here literally every day.
5:00 am
>> surprised and on edge a slashing attack taking place in broad daylight along the areas mess popular trails. and also more developing knew we had a big gun battle that erupted in one of our local communities an exchange between two men one of them is dead. good day it is june 102,016th. >> we're hitting the road, good morning to all have of you on this friday. >> we're not hitting the road, we will hold down the fort while they hit the road. here's the thing we are taking over a town near you, and get ready jenkintown we will be live from 7:00 to 10:00 in the town square in the heart of the jenkintown. >> we are giving away a car. sign up to win a brand new mazda cx9. >> to sign up just go to fox and click on the contest right on the home page we will pick finalist once a week and final show we will have a big give away. >> come out, join us anytime, so much fun in any locations, here's where we will be over next several weeks. >> big finally there on your screen


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